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Ventures Technology Watch is a division of Creative Strategies Ventures Corporation. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA and has offices in Northern California and on the East Coast.

Editorial & Analyst Management

Editor & Senior Industry Analyst– Jeri Trippe

In 1992, Ms. Trippe assumed the responsibilities of Editor for our client-limited circulation publication/reports, Ventures Technology Watch. Ms. Trippe joined Creative Strategies Ventures Corporation in 1986. She has extensive experience in primary research (telephone, mail, and personal interviews) and in market research program management. Her initial role with the company was to manage the company’s primary and secondary research programs serving our multinational client base. In 1989 she was promoted to Vice President - Research. Ms. Trippe is also Executive Vice President of Creative Strategies Ventures

Ms. Trippe attended UC-Fullerton.

Technology Editor & Principal Industry Analyst– Ed Poshkus

Mr. Poshkus has over 30 years experience in the global high tech industry. His technology experience includes computing (hardware and software), mobile devices, components, peripherals, telecommunications, networking, cellular, opitcal connectivity, storage, storage area networks, imaging, chemistry, telephony, ISP, and biotech. He is CEO and Principal Industry Analyst of Creative Strategies and held senior management positions with SANcastle, Hitachi Data Systems, Volcano Telecommunications, Trigem Computer, Creative Strategies International and Dataquest. Mr. Poshkus has presented papers in the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Germany, and the UK as examples. Mr. Poshkus earned his BS in Engineering from the Univ. of Massachusetts and his MBA (focus International Markerting & Finance) from Santa Clara University.



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