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We track evolving and emerging technologies in the global marketplace to keep our client base informed of potential opportunities and threats to their market position with publications and special reports covering a variety of technology sectors including mobile devices, security, privacy, semiconductors, radio,communication networks such as small cells and backhaul ,  encryption, components, computers, connectivity, consumer electronic products to specialty segments including healthcare, compliance, big data, biotech, nanotech, and hospitality.



Ventures Technology Watch is  a scheduled monthly series of reports/publications focused on a variety of technologies in the high tech arena tailored to the needs of our global clientele. The monthly publication is delivered electronically (hard copy on request) to the subscriber base and (twice a month if major events occur)

We are available to our clients to clarify any points presented to explore and expand upon our conclusions and our opinions.

With the rapid shifts in the market dynamics, we will periodically conduct product evaluations and present the findings -- pro and con -- to the subcriber base and for the client's use.


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